About us

What makes us special?

Realising a capital event

We focus on applying innovation to enable each MGA cell to achieve an ‘end game’ capital event from the incubation period.

We do this through –
Aligned interests – building shared aims that recognise the needs of each cell and how we can help them achieve their goals.
Capital investment – enabling growth at different stages in the business plan – start up, development and potential acquisitions.
Business development – using our extensive market contacts to deliver new business in the cell’s target markets.

A la carte services menu

Comprehensive range of specialist services available as a menu and geared to facilitating growth in an appropriately controlled environment.

Bespoke services menus – each cell can select the services they need to operate with maximum efficiency in a controlled and regulated environment.
Growth oriented services – including capital provision, leveraging our market contacts and enabling the cell to open up new revenue streams – all backed by business development and marketing specialists.
Specialist service providers – our internal providers are supported by external providers whose sole focus is their area of expertise, and they all deliver to defined service standards.

Pick up the Vibe

Opportunity to join a passionate and entrepreneurial team where you’ll feel in the right place to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

Dynamic – empowering people to be ambitious and successful.
Determined – working with energy and enthusiasm to hit defined goals.
Disciplined – respecting the value of appropriate controls and market standards.
Focused – focused businesses and focused activity for profitable growth.

The Vibe Story

VibeMM is a member of the Vibe Group of companies and the third operating pillar of Syndicate Holding Corp (SHC), the parent of Vibe Syndicate Management Ltd (VibeSM) and Inceptum Insurance Company.

The Group is owned principally by two investors, who together provide capital to the trading companies:

  • Quantum Strategic Partners Ltd., a private investment vehicle managed by Soros Fund Management LLC
  • Pine Brook Partners.

How we got here

Vibe can trace its history back to 2007 with the formation of RITC Syndicate Management Limited (RITC) by Soros Fund Management LLC and the private equity house, Pine Brook Partners. RITC and Syndicate 5678 were established to meet a growing demand for capital efficient run-off solutions.

In 2011, the Group expanded into the UK company market with its acquisition of Inceptum Insurance Company Limited (formerly HSBC Insurance (UK) Limited), which consolidated the Group’s leading position in the run-off market.

In May 2014, RITC Syndicate Management Limited rebranded as Vibe Syndicate Management to mark the next stage in the company’s evolution.

In July 2014, Vibe received permission from Lloyd’s to begin underwriting live business as the Group plans to replicate the success of its legacy business by diversifying into new insurance and reinsurance markets.

VibeMM was created in November 2016 as the third pillar of the Group’s structure.

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