Realising a capital event

Innovation with a focus on an ‘end game’ capital event for each MGA cell through the incubation period.

A la carte services menu

Comprehensive range of specialist services available as a menu and geared to facilitating growth in an appropriately controlled environment.

Pick up the Vibe

Opportunity to join a passionate and entrepreneurial team where you’ll feel in the right place to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

Vibe MGA Management

The platform for entrepreneurs

Vibe MGA Management (‘VibeMM’) is an independent MGA incubator platform providing an entrepreneurial environment for ambitious underwriters who want to make a difference. Our USP is applying innovation with focus on achieving an ‘end game’ capital event for each MGA cell, through shared purpose and aligned business goals.

Our platform encompasses a comprehensive range of services, enabling us to design with each MGA cell a support structure suited to their particular needs and geared to growing the business through the incubation period. Specialist services supporting business growth include capital investment for early stage and subsequent development; acquisition (where required to complement organic growth); capacity providers that support the aligned interests; and a structured approach to introducing new business opportunities.

VibeMM’s senior team has extensive experience of operating in the MGA sector and is supported by a network of expert service providers(both internal and external). VibeMM is a member of the Vibe Group of companies.

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The MGA segment of the London Insurance Market has been increasing significantly in size and influence in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. Just under a third of Lloyd’s business is now accessed via this route, compared with 13% five years ago. For new and developing MGAs, the MGA incubator model offers a more immediate, secure and operationally efficient route to market.

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